I've pretty much retired from World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, unless you are in a active raiding guild, or have a lot of friendsd in active raiding guilds, you're unlikely to ever see end-game content, and I can't see spending dollars and hours doing basically the same thing over and over again.

Currently, I'm playing DotA 2, and Minecraft, as well as dabbling in other games like Civ 5, Diablo 3, and Endless Space. My BattleNet gamer tag is DarthGrumpy#1993, and my Steam handle is DarthGrumpy. Most of my time these days is on DotA 2. I've played some League of Legends, but I'm still pretty noobish as far as DotA 2 goes. I play a pretty decent support.

When I'm not actually gaming, I like to ... well... talk to myself, mulling over what I've learned in the latest round of games. Sometimes, it's Civ V strategies. Currently, it's thinking about different ways to build heroes in DotA 2. My last-hitting pretty much sucks, so I tend to play heroes that aren't dependent on heavy farm. I'm still new enough that I'm not really good at deciding on item builds on the fly, so I like to have things laid out ahead of time to refer to during a match, so I'm not standing in the shop going "hmmm... Shiva's, or Sheepstick?" during the match. So a lot of what you'll see here is me debating what I should build on a hero under what circumstances. I'll also include links to references and builds for different heroes. That makes it easy for me to find them during a match when I Alt-Tab out.