Getting Started In Dota 2

So yes, this is all for me, but it never hurts to review the basics, and I may as well make it coherent to someone else reading it. Good exercise. I'm going to approach this from the way I was exposed to it: as a former WoW player being dumped into MOBAs.

Basic Concepts

In WoW, you play a character, from one of several classes, and do quests and such to advance in levels. You get gear from drops, or buying it on the auction house. If you want to play another character, you build another one, and go through the process again.

In a MOBA like Dota 2, in each match, you pick from a list of heroes. None has a "class" per se. Each has a different set of abilities/skills. Some are active, some are passive. During the course of a match, the hero gains experience from killing enemy minions (creeps), neutral creeps, enemy heroes, or enemy towers (stationary artillery). As the hero advances in level, they gain their abilities, or level up abilities they've already gained. They also gain gold as the match goes on. Each hero receives periodic gold (about 4 gold per 5 seconds), and gold from doing things such as destroying enemy towers, or killing creeps or heroes. Notably, when it comes to creeps and towers, it's the killing blow, or "last hit", that's significant, and earns gold. This is referred to as "getting farm", and with the gold you get from it, you buy items for the hero.

Dota 2 Minimap

The map is bisected, top-left to lower-right, by a river. Each side has two towers in each lane, on their side of the river. Early in the match, the two teams will split up, with usually two people each, on the bottom and top lanes, and a single player on the center "mid" lane. This hero is said to be "going solo mid". The heroes advance to where the opposing creep waves meet, and begin "farming" - collecting last hits, harrassing the opposing heroes, etc. Between the lanes is referred to as "the jungle". There are various "camps" scattered through these spaces, which spawn neutral creeps, and these can be farmed for gold and experience as well. Certain heroes, referred to as "junglers", excel at this.