Overview - Dota 2

Here are my semi-private, talking-to-myself musings on Dota 2. As a standard disclaimer, I'm not a pro-gamer, let alone a pro-Dota 2 player. I'm learning to hold my own, and at least one person has been impressed enough to ask if he could add me to his friends list, so I'm not hopeless. My biggest problems in playing Dota 2 and MoBAs in general are a) tunnel vision, and b) heroic tendencies. Even more so than when I PvPed in WoW, I 'm very conscious of being part of a team, (even if the rest of the team isn't!). I tend to play support heroes rather than carries, so I'm all about helping the team. Sometimes this gets me in trouble, trying to save a teammate, when I should have just cut and run, saving myself. As I get more experienced, I'm getting better at judging when the teammate is saveable.

What this all really means is this is me mulling things over, and thinking about what might work on a given hero, and more importantly, at my level of play, which is extremely basic at the moment. Nothing in here should be taken as a solid recommendation, without at least corraborating it with what other, more expert players are doing.

Part of the point of me "talking to myself" this way is to write my thoughts down, in much the same way teachers had us write down our multiplication tables in school. The act of writing things down reinforces it. That's really what it's all for. If someone else reads it, and it helps them, great! I try to write this stuff in a manner to facilitate that, but really, it's pretty much for myself. If I get confident enough in how I play that I feel comfortable passing it on, I'll likely put it on my blog, or on a site like Dotafire.com.